Cape Vintner Classification (CVC)

Cape Vintner ClassificationDelheim is a certified member of the Cape Vintner Classification system.

The Cape Vintner Classification (CVC) is an independent body committed to the accreditation, governance, representation and promotion of distinctive regional site specific Cape wines. Cape wines have been grown and made for over 350 years. This rich heritage and diversity of unique wine growing sites is what distinguishes wines of the Cape.

Qualification for CVC membership is based on meeting a set of criteria, including:

  • Estate ownership
  • Independent audit and evaluation of technical & environmental standards, cellar door facilities, ethical matters and wine quality

Currently 5 of Delheim’s wines are approved for CVC certification (silver label)

  • Delheim Chardonnay Sur Lie
  • Delheim Pinotage
  • Delheim Vera Cruz Shiraz
  • Delheim Grand Reserve
  • Delheim Edelspatz Noble Late Harvest

Agricultural Ethical Trade Initiative (WIETA)

Agricultural Ethical Trade InitiativeDelheim received full WIETA certification status and became an accredited member in 2015, confirming our commitment to our staff members and customers that ‘best practice’ will prevail. It is important to us that those that work on the farm, their families and our local community grow and benefit from these practices and WIETA provides a solid foundation for this approach.

WIETA is a multi-stakeholder, non-profit voluntary organisation which actively promotes ethical trade in the wine industry value chain through training, technical assessment and audits to assess members’ compliance with its code of good practice. Stakeholders include producers, retailers, trade unions, non-governmental organisations and the government.

WIETA was formally established in November 2002. The association arose out of an Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) pilot project in the wine industry in the late 90’s. The pilot not only assisted the ETI, its retail corporate members and South African partners in learning about, developing and refining inspection methodologies in monitoring their base code, but was also instrumental in bringing together private sector, labour and civil society stakeholders in and associated with the wine industry of the Western Cape to discuss and debate issues around ethical trade.

WIETA has had considerable success in the wine industry, which led to the members taking a decision in October 2005 to extend its work down the wine supply chain and into the wider agricultural sector, while continuing to serve the needs of the wine industry.

Download our WIETA Accreditation Certificate

The Integrated Production of Wine Scheme (IPW)

The Integrated Production of Wine SchemeDelheim was one of the first producers in South Africa to sport the Integrity & Sustainability seal. This confirms our commitment towards working in harmony with nature, and always with sustainability in mind. Central to this belief is that wine is an encapsulation of what nature does best, and that by working closely with it we can ensure a consistent high standard of quality.

Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) is a voluntary environmental sustainability scheme established by the South African wine industry in 1998. The 2000 vintage was the first to be certified under this scheme. Certification of IPW compliance falls under the jurisdiction of the Wine and Spirit Board (WSB), with a dedicated IPW office responsible for administering the scheme since its promulgation in 1998.

IPW complies with international wine industry environmental sustainability criteria, including the ‘Global Wine Sector Environmental Sustainability Principles’ as published by the International Federation of Wine and Spirits (FIVS) and the ‘OIV. Guidelines for sustainable Viti-viniculture: Production, processing and packaging of products’ as published by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV). The production practices on farms and/or cellars of persons joining the scheme are evaluated and audited by the board.

 Download our IPW Certificate


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