Our Philosophy

  • We believe that we are the custodians of this land, and that we must tread lightly in order to minimise the impact we have on it.
  • We strive to gain a sense of timelessness (allow our vineyards to grow old) and tell stories in our wines, but if we want to achieve that, we need one eye on the future. In everything we do, we seek longevity and sustainability.
  • A correct and well-timed pragmatic approach, coupled with a willingness to endure in order to create balance and harmony in our vineyards.
  • We need to farm humbly and remain conscious of our role in the terroir in order for our wines to gain a sense of place.

Precision farming

As wine farmers in a modern era we always strive to improve regarding quality and to embrace the technologies available to achieve this:

  • Detailed soil mapping on 50m2 grid enables us to identify the needs of the plants. It also ensures that we recognize the variation in the vineyard and react accordingly. Soil is where everything starts, thus if the foundation is lacking, we are off to a bad start!
  • Using elevation models (slopes) to demarcated vineyards to ensure the optimal utilisation of potential terroir pockets.
  • Vigour mapping to correct both short and long term management practices. Here we identified “kraaltjies”/heuweltjies” – ancient termite mounds that infer higher vigour to the vines. These spots will be planted to a rootstock with lower vigour, in order to achieve greater balance in the vineyard.
  • Grapevine water status is monitored by using a pressure chamber to monitor the leaf water potential. By using this technique, we ensure correct plant water stress, while ensuring that we do not waste water – one of our most precious resources.

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